The Atlantic: “Can an Honest Conversation About Race Be Inoffensive?”

Being White in Philadelphia by Robert Huber, from the Philadelphia Magazine has grants “anonymity to various white residents, probes their views on race, and faithfully conveys their answers, even the racist ones.” The Atlantic offered a detailed analysis regarding to this March cover story, what do you think?

2 thoughts on “The Atlantic: “Can an Honest Conversation About Race Be Inoffensive?”

  1. Thank you for posting both the original post and the article review that followed it. Race is an emotionally charged topic, as it should be, and I would be very curious to ree a future where humanity is so post-modern than race isn’t an issue during my lifetime. At the present time, I don’t see that as a possibility but I would be more than happy to be proven wrong. I also believe that the fact that this is set in the United States is a factor that has certain connotations–I wish I could articulate this sentiment better but reading an article review from someone from Europe or Latin America or Asia or somewhere outside the U.S. would be enlightening. It may be difficult for individuals to separate certain aspects of their culture from reality, especially when there are specific ideals and guidelines for honest conversation that are exalted within that society.

  2. I think there is such an emotional tie to the past where even the simplest comments can be taken the wrong way by any race. Everyone should be fully educated about the past as well as educated about the strides made today. I believe only after this will the issue of racism even be dented.

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